Díaz-Canel Thanks Putin for Solidarity Aid Sent to Cuba

Cuba President held a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, which he classified as fraternal

cuba president holds telephone call with russian counterpart
During their conversation, Diaz-Canel ratified the the importance of intensifying cooperation ties. (Photo: Taken from PL).

The presidents of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel; and Vladimir Putin of Russia held a telephone conversation today, classified as fraternal by the president of the Caribbean nation.

In his Twitter account, the Cuban head of state commented on the dialogue, in which he took the opportunity to thank his counterpart for the solidarity aid sent to his country.

Also, during their conversation, Diaz-Canel ratified the excellent state of bilateral relations and the importance of intensifying economic, commercial, financial and cooperation ties.

Russia sent to the Antillean island several flights with food and medical supplies, to support the confrontation with the Covid-19 pandemic amid the intensification of the economic blockade of the United States.

‘The Cuban people have a good memory, they know their friends and they do not forget those who come promptly to its aid in difficult times,’ said Vice President Salvador Valdés upon receiving one of these shipments.

In the same way, he highlighted the solidarity and deeply human gesture of the Eurasian nation, which shows that Cuba is not alone, when it comes to US economic asphyxiation and through different methods tries to subvert the social economic order legitimately chosen by its people.

Meanwhile, the charge d’affaires of the Russian embassy in Havana, Anna Kosenkova, commented that the aid is a gesture of support in the midst of the complex situation due to the health emergency and the reinforcement of Washington’s restrictive policies.

‘Both peoples are united by true ties of friendship and brotherhood,’ the diplomat said.

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