Cuba Slams US campaign against Soberana 02 Vaccine

New Miami campaign seeks to discredit Cuban vaccine candidate against COVID-19

Soberana 02 vaccine candidate currently undergoes the third phase of its clinical trial.

Cuban media condemned on Wednesday a new Miami campaign to discredit Soberana 02 vaccine.

According to the national television, youtuber Alexander Otaola claimed last week that this Cuban vaccine candidate (Soberana 02), currently in phase III of its clinical trial, would be causing negative reactions in children, to whom it was allegedly applied.

The television report recalled that no Cuban minors were vaccinated in any of Soberana 02´s three phases of clinical trials or in any of phases through which the other Cuban vaccine candidates, since these candidates have not been approved to be applied in minors.

On this issue, Dagmar García, Research head of Finlay Vaccine Institute, told that to vaccinate minors it is critical to firstly prove safety and immunogenicity in adults.

She explained that clinical trial is designed in minors, to be assessed in coming weeks.

Dagmar García also explained that this clinical trial will be applied in children (from 5 to 18 years of age) split in two age groups, first those from 12 to 18 years of age, although its application date will depend on the review and approval of the clinical research protocol.

The scientist assured that once safety and immunogenicity have been checked, it will not be necessary to wait for the conclusion of Soberana 02´s phase III to start similar proceedings for minors.

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