Yudit Vidal, the Soul on a Canvas

This outstanding plastic artist was recently awarded the Unique Arts Prize by the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power of Trinidad

Ana Marta Panadés

Yudit Vidal Faife
The artist maintains her preference for painting. (Photo: Ana Martha Panadés / Escambray).

Light has been always present in her paintings. Yudit Vidal Faife finds inspiration in the people she loves, in the magic of Trinidad, in a tradition that she discovered among threads, wings and brushes to weave the wonder of an ancestral trade.

This renowned plastic artist, who learned to love this village in its simplest details, recently received the Unique Arts Prize of the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power of Trinidad during the solemn session held on occasion of the 506th birthday of this city.

One day she summoned 20 local artisans with whom she created “Entre hilos, alas y pinceles” (Between threads, wings and brushes), an aesthetic project of deep cultural and social meaning in order to sublimate through the artistic creation an event of which the city of Trinidad is the major scenario.

Vidal Faife began her training at Trinidad’s Oscar Fernández Morera Academy of Arts and in 2008 she got an plastic art degreee at the Higher Institute of Art. She has more than 36 personal and collective exhibitions, in addition to numerous awards for her creative work.

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