Tropical Storm Eta: Flooded Sancti Spiritus in Images

The heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Eta produced floodings throughout the territory of Sancti Spiritus on Tuesday

Suspension bridge over the Agabama river, November 10th, early morning.
(Photo: Edelso Valero / Facebook).
La Paloma section of the Sancti Sipiritus-Trinidad road. (Photo: Yoan Pérez / Escambray).
Flooding in the town of Casilda, municipality of Trinidad. (Photo: Juan Carlos Naranjo / Facebook).
The Agabama river flooded the town of the same name. (Photo: Yenier Gilbert / Facebook).
Bridge over the Agabama river on the Sancti Spiritus-Trinidad road. (Photo: Denis Díaz).
Bridge over Zaza river linking the city of Sancti Spiritus with Zaza del Medio town. (Photo: Ernesto Jaivaloca / Facebook).
La Redonda dam is running and represents no danger. (Photo: Yasma Jauriga / Facebook).

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