Sancti Spiritus: Birds Seek Shelter in Protected Area


Caguanes National Park in Yaguajay, central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus
Buenavista is considered an important area for the conservation of birds.
(Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).

Protected areas in central Cuba are characterized by spectacular terrestrial and marine environments in addition to exceptional speleological and cultural values

The Buenavista Protected Area of Managed Resources, is a territory partially located in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, where actions are promoted to preserve its environmental wealth.

This region —regarded as an important Biosphere Reserve— is also the place where birds go for shelter, food, and temporary stay during migrations. It is located on the north-central coast of Cuba in parts of the Sancti Spiritus, Villa Clara and Ciego de Avila provinces.

The Biosphere Reserve status was granted by UNESCO in 2000 while in 2002, the region was included in the list of wetlands of international importance as defined by the Ramsar Convention.  

Buenavista includes nine areas under more strict management categories. Of the 79 caverns located in the area, 36 are found in Caguanes National Park, in the northern municipality of Yaguajay.

According to the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP, in Spanish), the region is regarded as the country’s most populated concerning aboriginal archeological sites.

Cuba has more than 200 identified protected areas, 14 national parks, six biosphere reserves and an equal number of Ramsar sites, two Natural World Heritage sites and 28 important areas for the conservation of birds.

(With information from Radio Sancti Spiritus)

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