Rafael Correa Candidate in Binomial to Ecuador’s Elections

Andrés Arauz and Rafael Correa will be representing the Union for Hope Coalition (UNES)

arauz y correa
Rafael Correa (R) will be accompanying Andrés Arauz as vice president. (Photo taken from https://www.elcomercio.com).
arauz y correa
Rafael Correa (R) will be accompanying Andrés Arauz as vice president. (Photo taken from https://www.elcomercio.com).

Former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa will accompany Andrés Arauz as vice president in the binomial presented today by the Union for Hope Coalition (UNES) for the 2021 elections.

The official candidacy of UNES was welcomed by the Social Commitment and Democratic Center Movements and will participate in the general votes scheduled for February 7, 2021 for List 5.

In the presentation event, held virtually, the leader of the Citizen Revolution Paola Cabezas pointed out that the team, identified as ‘Binomio por la Esperanza’, is synonymous with the richness of Ecuadorian inter culturality.

For his part, Correa, official candidate for the vice presidency from this day on, stressed that the country is experiencing one of the hardest moments in its history.

‘It is time for the Union for Hope. Here we are despite all the immoral obstacles to prevent us from participating,’ he asserted and explained that until 72 hours ago they did not know if they could register, due to all attempts to eliminate Compromiso Social, the political force largest in this South American nation today.

He also congratulated all the candidates for the upcoming elections, who, she assured, will have the historical responsibility, not only to fight for victory, but also to rescue the country.

‘We will move forward, there is light at the end of the tunnel if we all, together, fight to recover the enraptured homeland. We already did so in 2007, when we received a country that had not yet recovered from the serious consequences of the banking crisis in 1999,’ he said.

Correa warned that he accepted the candidacy for the vice presidency with joy, but also sadness, given the tragedy of the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, but in addition to unemployment, young people without adequate education, among others.

He described Andrés Arauz, a candidate for the presidency, as one of the brightest young people he knows and part of the new generations, with participation in the government of the Citizen Revolution since he was 22 years old.

‘Hopefully hatred and mediocrity do not try to destroy our young people, they do not try to destroy Andrés (…) to win to recover Ecuador, the great homeland,’ he concluded.

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