Native People Must Participate in Decision Making, Chileans

A bill to guarantee indigenous participation in this transcendental process was approved in general

chile native people
Native people have been for long relegated in Chile. (Photo: Internet).

The participation of Chile’s native peoples in the life of the country continues to be relegated today despite broad sectors’ calls for their incorporation into decision-making.

In this regard, representatives of the native communities that make up the Red de Ciudadanos (Citizens Network) asked Congress not to delay any longer the discussion of seats reserved for native peoples with a view to the constitutional process, which will begin in just 24 days with the celebration of the historic plebiscite for a new Constitution.

The victory of the approval is almost certain and in that case the indigenous peoples should be included among the delegates who will form the mechanism that will be approved for the drafting of the new fundamental law.

A bill to guarantee indigenous participation in this transcendental process was approved in general, although the discussion of its articles in particular is pending in the Senate Constitution Commission, after 16 indications were presented in August, but the text was analyzed for the last time on September 2.

This legislative initiative seeks to establish seats reserved for indigenous peoples, regardless of the choice of constituent body.

On the subject, constitutionalist lawyer Salvador Millaleo said ‘everyone is calling for dialogue to resolve conflicts between the State and the Mapuche people, but the most important dialogue is the constituent one, and for that to happen we have to ensure that indigenous peoples are part of it.

He also warned that it is not only the Mapuche people (the majority), ‘but the 10 peoples recognized in our country have the right to participate’.

For her part, Hortensia Hidalgo, an Aymara member of the Chasquinayrampi Indigenous Communication and Research Center, asked parliament members to resume discussion in the Senate Constitution Committee as soon as possible.

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