Infant Mortality Rate in Sancti Spiritus among Lowest in Cuba

The results of the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI) in Sancti Spiritus are ranked among the most outstanding this year in Cuba

A mother holds her child after nursing him
The neonatal intensive care ward reports a survival rate of 90 per cent in
seriously ill children. (Photo: Arelys García / Escambray).

With an infant mortality rate of 3.2 per 1 000 live births so far this year, Sancti Spíritus is among Cuba’s three best provinces in respect.

Dr. Frank García González, head of Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI, in Spanish) at the Provincial Health Office, highlighted the intersectoral actions implemented in the territory, which translated into the strengthening of prenatal care. He particularly emphasized the results of the local municipalities of Trinidad and Taguasco, with zero mortality in children under one year of age.

The doctor also highlighted the importance given to the protocols and management of the most frequent conditions such as growth retardation and the hypertensive disorder of pregnancy (pre-eclampsia).

Multidisciplinary consultations in polyclinics, timely admission to maternal homes and the excellence of the perinatology services at the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial General Hospital and the neonatal and pediatric therapy wards, are also essential factors, added the doctor.

According to him, the work carried out in maternal homes and other health institutions in the territory to prevent the contagion of pregnant women with SARS-CoV-2 deserves special recognition. Only two pregnant and one puerperal women have contracted the disease and, thanks to the medical care received and the protocols applied, no complications were reported in any of them.

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