Eta Expected to Pass Over Cuba during the Weekend

Cuba issues information phase bulletin due to the proximity of tropical depression Eta

Possible path of tropical depression Eta on its way to Cuba
Tropical depression Eta is expected to hit Cuba as a tropical storm. (Photo: Ismet).

The General Staff of Civil Defense in Cuba established today the information phase for the provinces of Pinar del Río to Ciego de Ávila, due to the proximity of the tropical depression Eta.

Starting at 6:00 a.m. local time, these territories, including the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, must adopt the measures provided for in the disaster risk reduction plans with rationality, as well as the actions for the prevention and control of Covid-19, says the note.

Meanwhile, the eastern region of the country must remain monitoring the information issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Civil Defense on the development of the hydrometeorological system, adds the text.

The General Staff warns about the extensive area of clouds and rains associated with this cyclonic organism, which, together with the saturation of soils and the filling of the reservoirs, should be carefully observed.

According to the Forecast Center of the Cuba’s Institute of Meteorology, in the next few hours the tropical depression Eta must reorganize itself in the waters of the western Caribbean Sea, while the weather conditions will suffer a gradual deterioration.

The bodies, state agencies, economic entities and social institutions in the territories in the information phase must appreciate the particular situation to adopt the pertinent measures, the text specifies.

Likewise, it exhorts the population to be attentive to the information and to comply in a disciplined manner with the provisions indicated by the local authorities.

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