Cuba President Highlights Upcoming Election Process

On January 18, each municipal assembly member will vote for the new provincial authorities

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Thursday the election process (on Saturday) of provincial governors and vice governors as part of the improvement of the People’s Power model of local government.

On his Twitter account, Diaz-Canel shared a link to a Juventud Rebelde newspaper report, in which the President of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the National Assembly of People’s Power, Jose Luis Toledo Santander, clarified some issues related to the election process.

The change is due to what was established in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, approved in 2019 by the majority of voters, in which the figure of provincial governor was resumed, a position that was eliminated on the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

On January 18, each municipal assembly member will vote for the new provincial authorities, in a process organized by the National Electoral Council (CEN).

According to the Constitution, candidates for governors are proposed by the President of the Republic of Cuba, and their photographs and biographies must be submitted to municipal delegates (elected by the people in their corresponding areas of residence) so as to exercise the vote on behalf of their electorate.

Governors and vice governors will be accompanied in the exercise of power by a provincial council, which will be made up of presidents and vice-presidents of the corresponding local assemblies of people’s power and municipal mayors (not yet elected).

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