Cuba Announces Third Post COVID-19 Recovery Phase

The third phase will begin in all Cuban provinces except for Havana and Mayabeque

Manuel Marrero
Prime Minister Manual Marrero
Manuel Marrero
Prime Minister Manual Marrero made the announcement on Thursday. (Photo taken from PL).

All the provinces of Cuba, except the country’s capital and Mayabeque, will begin the third phase of recovery of Covid-19 on Monday July 20, government sources announced the eve.

At the usual meeting of the executive to analyze the epidemiological situation, the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, reported that except for those two territories, in the rest of the country there have been no cases for more than two incubation periods of the disease; that is, during the last 28 days.

For this reason, the authorities decided to keep Havana in the first phase of the three stipulated in the national strategy for the gradual return to normality and to leave Mayabeque in the second, since there are still active cases in that town in the western part of the island.

Despite the fact that much of the national territory will begin the last stage of recovery, many measures planned for that time will not be able to be implemented until the country’s capital reaches that same point, explained the head of government.

That is the case of the reestablishment of regular flights and the normalization of the trips, as well as the inter-provincial transportation service.

However, stressed Marrero, the decision will allow the full restoration of economic and productive activities in the provinces that go to phase three, the opening of all gastronomic and commercial establishments, hospital care and the completion of procedures.

The public festive events of high summons, such as carnivals, will continue to be suspended, while the services of nightclubs will be limited, depending on their formats and characteristics, he pointed out.

In addition, he recalled, the compulsory use of nasobucos (face masks) is maintained in pubic and closed places where there is a concentration of people.

Meanwhile, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported today only two new ones infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, both from Havana, and a total of 66 active cases.

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