Biden Campaign Slams Closure of Western Union in Cuba

Prensa Latina News Agency

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During a visit to Miami, Florida, Biden criticized Trump’s stance on Cuba.

Joe Biden’s campaign criticized Trump’s decision to close all Western Union offices in Cuba as of November 26

The campaign of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden condemned the new restriction on remittances to Cuba, as part of the offensive launched by President Donald Trump against the Caribbean island.

In a communiqué issued on Wednesday, Biden’s strategic advisor of the Florida campaign, Christian Ulvert, described ‘President Trump’s war against family remittances as a cruel distraction’.

Ulvert recalled that Western Union is the largest remittance service on the island, so its closure will be painful for Cuban families, especially for the elderly and most vulnerable.

‘In the midst of a global pandemic in which families are suffering deeply on the island and around the world, President Trump is denying Cuban-Americans the right to help their families,’ Ulvert noted.

According to the advisor, Trump’s presumed support for the Cuban people is nothing more than empty rhetoric. ‘Both Americans and Cubans cannot afford four more years of weak leadership, empty words and unfulfilled promises by Trump.’

Early this month, during a visit to Miami, Florida, Biden criticized Trump’s stance on Cuba and favored ‘a new policy’ on the Caribbean island.

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