US Police Breaks into Venezuela Embassy in Washington (+video)

Venezuela embassy in Washington
The police arrested the four US activists that were inside the embassy. (Photo taken from

U.S. authorities burst Thursday into the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC and arrested four activists opposed to allowing Washington to hand over the building to the Venezuelan opposition.

Police burst into the Venezuelan Embassy to illegally arrest the Embassy protection team in violation of the Vienna Convention and international law, denounced on Twitter the co-founder of the organization Code Pink Madea Benjamin.

Shortly afterwards, the activist, who took part in this action of more than a month at the diplomatic headquarters, confirmed in the microblogging service that the police arrested the four people remaining inside the building located at 1099 30th Street in Washington DC.

Benjamin described the event as shameful, since on several occasions the participants pointed out the legality of their stay at the Embassy, where they were invited by the constitutional government of Nicolas Maduro.

Members of civil organizations stayed for 37 days in the place to prevent it from being handed over to Carlos Vecchio, appointed in US as representative in of the National Assembly congressman Juan Guaido, considered in contempt, who in January proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela.

US Secret Service, Washington DC police and State Department agents attempted a coordinated raid on the Embassy last Monday, and attorney Mara Verheyden-Hilliard intervened on behalf of the activists when federal agents entered the building, Popular Resistance organization reported.

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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I am a supporter of President Maduro in Venezuela.Yankee Imperialism against Venezuela is been fought against by people in the USA who support President Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.This support will continue and President Maduro got the support of the majority of people in Venezuela.The US Gov’t is acting like the Mafia in breaking into the Venezuela Embassy in Washington DC.President Maduro and the people of Venezuela will win this fight against Yankee Imperialism.Long Live President Maduro.Yankee Imperialism is been fought against in the USA and Venezuela.

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