Russia Denies Participation in New Arms Race

Russia made the statement in the face of Trump’s announcements of the creation of a weapon never seen before

russian flag
russian flag

Russia reiterated its intention to avoid participation in a new arms race, in the face of announcements by US President Donald Trump of the creation of a weapon never seen before.

We closely follow the steps taken by Washington in the war sphere, but reject a new milestone in the arms race in the world, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

However, we recall the statement by President Vladimir Putin that Russia created the bases to guarantee technological supremacy for several years to guarantee its security and a parity in the world, Peskov said.

In addition, he recalled that, precisely the violations committed by Washington on the limitation to produce medium- and short-range missiles led to the elimination of the agreement referring to such weapons, the RIA Novosti agency said.

Trump said his country makes a lot of new weapons that nobody can even imagine and in that regard he referred to the modernization of nuclear systems. Some armaments will be shown to the public and not others, he said.

In March 2018, when speaking before the two chambers of the Federal Assembly, Putin presented images of novel armaments, including hypersonic rockets, submarine-drones and missiles propelled by atomic energy, with no range limit, among others.

Several of the prototypes exposed then come into operation in the combat guard before the end of this year and in 2020, the local press stands out.

The Russian head of state explained that both these new weapons and the modernization of the Russian nuclear triad, especially intercontinental missiles, were a mandatory step before the creation by the United States of a global anti-missile system.

Moscow believes the anti-missile umbrella the Pentagon intends to create puts the global strategic parity at risk, whose guarantee is in charge of this country and the United States.

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