Cuba Citizens Get Ready for February 24 Referendum

Cuba parliament
Cuba Parliament called for the referendum in which citizens will ratify or not the Magna Carta. (Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre).

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has predicted popular support for the referendum saying that that the people will back the Revolution and Socialism during the plebiscite

Next February 24, patriotic date, designing the approval of the first Cuban constitution 150 years ago, over eight million Cubans are summoned to vote in a referendum to support the new Constitution of the Republic that was approved last December 22 by the National Assembly of the People’s Power.

The Magna Carta which will substitute the one in force since 1976 is the contribution of the island’s citizens who from August 13 to November 15, 2018, discussed the text in over 133 thousand meetings in work and study centers to give their opinions on the text.

The consultation which included criteria of Cuban residents abroad, resulted in about 780 thousand proposals, which became after its analysis and processing some 9600 proposals, half of them incorporated to the Constitutional text which will be submitted to a referendum.

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