Cuban First Vice President Continues African Tour

Valdés Mesa arrived in Ethiopia on Wednesday, after having visited South Africa and the Kingdom of Eswatini

Valdes Mesa in Ethiopia
The Cuban delegation was welcomed by the President of Ethiopia, Sahlework Zewde. (Photo: @SalvadorValdesM).
Valdes Mesa in Ethiopia
The Cuban delegation was welcomed by the President of Ethiopia, Sahlework Zewde. (Photo: @SalvadorValdesM).

Cuban First Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa on Wednesday began an official visit to Ethiopia, leading a delegation that has been to several African countries.

Valdes Mesa and his accompanying delegation are concluding in Addis Ababa a work tour that included his participation in the swearing-in ceremony of Cyril Ramaphosa as President of South Africa, and the trip to the Kingdom of Eswatini, former Swaziland, a southern African country where he was invited by King Mswati III.

The Cuban delegation, also made up of Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez, and Armed Forces Minister Adviser, Brigadier General Arnaldo Tamayo, will hold meetings in this capital with important government and parliamentary authorities.

Cuban ambassador to Ethiopia Vilma Thomas told Prensa Latina that the visitors will also meet with Cuban collaborators in this country of the so-called African Horn, members of the solidarity groups graduated in Cuba, Cuban residents and members of the State Mission.

The three-day visit is also conducive to dialogue with the main authorities of the African Union, a continental organization whose venue is in Addis Ababa.

About 28 Cuban collaborators are currently working in Ethiopia, 22 of them in health institutions and another six in the educational system, as part of Cuba’s professional assistance to African nations.

Around 5,000 Ethiopians who studied in Cuba at different educational levels, are contributing to the economic and social development of their country, thank the Cuban people and State that welcomed them as their children, and they are the backbone of solidarity with Cuba in Ethiopia.

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