Cuba Ready for Overwhelming Parade on International Workers’ Day

The parade will be staged days after the CTC held its 21st Congress

Like every year, the 1st of May will turn into a festivity all over Cuba.

More than 17 organizations in Havana are finalizing details Monday for the May Day parade.

Marilyn Saborit, the main responsible for the preparation of the Revolution Square by the Cuban Workers Central (CTC), stressed the commitment of the state organizations that support the workers celebrations.

‘We plan to finish all the preparations Tuesday around noon, including lights, railings, chairs, bleachers, audio, public services, among others’, she said.

Saborit added there have been no problems so far in the preparation process and all activities are on schedule.

She also explained the parade will have a choreographic dance made up of 1,000 students from the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School and a 300-member orchestra.

Other squares in the rest of the country will also be ready to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the CTC.

The parade will be staged days after the CTC held its 21st Congress, in which delegates advocated for the right of peoples to sovereignty, self-determination, and human access to employment, education, health, and social security as paradigms of the Cuban Revolution.

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