Cuba Parliamentarians Hold Debates on Social, Economic Issues

On Saturday a third extraordinary session of the 9th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power is scheduled to discuss matters concerning the economic and social reality of the country

Cuban lawmakers are debating economic and social issues at the last working session in ten permanent commissions of the People’s Power National Assembly (Parliament).

Friday’s legislative agenda at Havana’s Convention Center includes debates on the execution of the State budget this year and the challenges for Cuban families today.

It also includes the analysis of the fight against corruption and illegalities, as well as the compliance with the legal standards that regulate labor in the private sector.

International relations, as well as the world conflicts and scenarios and their impact on Latin America and Cuba in particular, are also key issues in the lawmakers’ debates.

On Thursday, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel joined several working commissions, in which he referred to prioritized matters, like housing and the need to achieve food sovereignty in light of the growing hostility by the United States.

He insisted that in that context, it is a priority to seek alternatives and make the best use of the scientific potential created by the Revolution in agriculture. Diaz-Canel also called to redouble efforts in the housing program under the premises of order, legality and transparency.

Likewise, he referred to Washington’s efforts to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, which have failed due to the resistance and dignity of the people and government of that South American country.

The president told Cuban parliamentarians that the United States, in his setback, is seeking justifications like accusing Cuba of keeping Venezuela alive, ignoring that people’s resistance.

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