Venezuela Ready for Elections, Authorities Said

Tibisay Lucena
Tibisay Lucena, president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela. (Photo taken from

According to the National Electoral Council (CNE), during the Sunday elections, 14,638 polling places and 34,143 voting booths will be opened throughout Venezuela

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela has created the conditions for holding the presidential and legislative council elections on May 20th, said president of CNE Tibisay Lucena.

In a press conference at the CNE headquarters in Caracas, Lucena said that all political organizations running for the elections participated to date in the audits envisaged in the agenda to guarantee the transparency of the electoral process.

CNE attended today the process to verify the voting machines, seeking to guarantee that they correctly count the vote of the elections.

Along with the witnesses from the political parties, representatives of the Assembly of Education and the foundation Un Pueblo Digno participated in the process, as well as groups of national observers and observers from the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America.

The verification of all the stages of the electoral program is part of the electoral guarantee agreement signed in March by the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic and representatives of the organizations running in the elections.

Lucena reiterated that during the elections on Sunday, 14,638 polling places and 34,143 voting booths will be opened throughout the country.

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