Chilean Bishops Resign Due to Sex Abuse Scandal

Pope Francis during a meeting with bishops from Chile on May 17, 2018 at the Vatican. (Photo taken from

According to Chilean media, it was found that evidence disappeared and Pope Francis described the events of criminal acts

The recurring Chronicle of a Death Foretold that Gabriel García Márquez bequeathed us flew in the last hours with the Amen of the Vatican, with hardness and verticality.

In the hands of Pope Francis himself, the shake in the Catholic Church in Chile is in the air and while the times of implementation of measures can be slowed down by ecclesial rhythms, the taste of punishment stands out.

Many things changed regarding the actions of the Vatican and its current maximum representative, the former Argentine bishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The secrecy was transgressed, evidently with all intention.

The massive resignation of the Chilean bishops summoned to Rome for three days this week ended up being relatively minor news. Details of a text delivered by the Supreme Pontiff were known.

There are details or traces of the consequences that the cases of cover-ups of sexual abuse in general, pedophilia, manipulation of evidence, lies and even incineration of evidence will bring to the Chilean church.

It seems obvious that somehow, the Vatican itself allowed details of what happened to slip inside its doors when at the beginning its spokesman said there would be no statements or closing statements.

The local television network T13 had access to a text of 10 pages delivered by Francis to the 34 Chilean bishops in which, among other aspects, he emphasizes: ‘there is an open, painful wound and until now has been treated with a medicine that, far away of healing, it seems to have deepened it more in its thickness and pain.’

Before the three days of meetings, calls for meditations with votes of silence, and exchanges between Francis and the bishops, the Supreme Pontiff invited three victims of sexual abuse of the Chilean Catholic Church.

Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton and Juan Andrés Murillo, who suffered the acts of pedophilia of the defenestrated priest Fernando Karadima, were satisfied with the positions of the pope and relied on exemplary punishments.

They were the most energetic complainants of the bishop of the southern town of Osorno, Juan Barros, detonator of the scandal that made Franciscchange his mind after a hasty visit to Chile in January.

Barros and Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz, archbishop emeritus of Santiago, are accused of hiding evidence about the Karadima case.

In one of the parts of the document revealed by T13, Francis writes:

‘The Chilean Church became self-absorbed in such a way that the consequences of this whole process had a very high price: its sin became the center of attention.’

‘The painful and shameful observation of sexual abuse of minors, abuses of power and conscience by ministers of the Church, as well as the way in which these situations have been addressed, makes this change of ecclesial center evident,’ he added.

But there is more. According to Chilean media, it was found that evidence disappeared and Pope Francis described the events of criminal acts, scandal and even the need to ‘go beyond’ the removal of people to solve the crisis.

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