World Ratifies Rejection to US Blockade against Cuba

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The US negative vote against the Cuban resolution was only supported by Israel. (Taken from Juventud Rebelde).


The General Assembly of the United Nations once again  condemned the US economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba


By 191 votes of 193 possible, the General Assembly of the United Nations overwhelmingly condemned today the US economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba and demanded its end.

Cuba Denounces Hardening of US Blockade

A Caricature Blockade (illustrations)

Detunings of the US Blockade

Only the US and Israel voted against the Cuban resolution on the Need to Put an End to the Economic, Financial and Commercial Blockade of the United States on Cuba. It’s the 26th times, since 1992, that the international community slams that hostile policy.

Before the resolution was put to a vote, diplomats from several countries on behalf of global and regional organizations or in their capacity as national representatives urged Washington to put an end to that hostility, and slashed out at the negative impact it has on the social and economic development of the Cuban people and how it violates their human rights.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced the unilateral and extraterritorial sanctions by the US, as well as the actions taken by the Trump administration to harden them.

The resolution calls on all nations neither to enact nor enforce laws that go against the UN Chapter, violate the principles of non-intervention in the internal affairs of countries or limit the freedom of trade and international navigation. It asks the UN secretary general to make a report on the fulfillment of such resolution in consultation with UN bodies and agencies.

During this year, Secretary General Antonio Guterres received reports from around 160 governments and 30 UN agencies rejecting the blockade and calling for its end.


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