Trump’s Anti-Cuba Policy is Unsustainable, Cuba FM Says

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Bruno Rodriguez stressed that US blockade against Cuba is absolutely unjust and arbitrary. (Photo: Cancillería de Cuba)

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla during the press conference he gave this Minday in Vienna, Austria


Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, has said on Monday that US President Donald Trump’s policy that is aimed at hardening US blockade against Cuba is absolutely unsustainable over the time.

‘There is a historical trend. There is no doubt that history soon or later will force US government to lift the blockade and normalize relations with Cuba,’ he said in a press conference held in Vienna. In response to Prensa Latina question, Bruno Rodriguez stressed that US blockade against Cuba is ‘a cold war piece,’ and also described it as ‘criminal and genocidal, according to Geneva conventions against genocide.’

Likewise, he added that such a hostile policy, imposed by the United States for more than half a century, is absolutely unjust and arbitrary. It is a gross systematic and flagrant violation of all Cubans’ human rights, as well as it causes human damage and deprivation.

As for US society itself, he said, the economic, commercial and financial blockade is currently damaging to the interests of not only US citizens, but also of the companies and businessmen, so it is a violation of civil liberties and the rights of US citizens, who are banned from traveling to Cuba.

In light of all these factors, the Cuban foreign minister is confident that Washington will put an end to this unilateral measure one day, which is currently considered as the main obstacle to the economic development of the Caribbean nation.

In this regard, the Cuban foreign minister added that ‘we will be very patient and hardy to wait until such a moment comes, as well as to work actively for this to happen, along with the vast majority of the US people, Cuban emigration and the international community. ‘


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