Raul Castro Chairs Parliament Plenary Session

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Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz-Canel in the plenary session of the National Assembly of the People’s Power. (Photo: ACN)

Cuba President Raul Castro presides over today the Ninth Ordinary Session of the Eighth Legislature of the Parliament, which is focused on the analysis of the full progress of the country by reviewing the summary of the main issues so far discussed.

Since last Monday Cuba parliamentarians gathered in working commissions to discuss on issues such as the computerization of the society, the potentialities of the tourist industry, and examined some experiences of cooperativism in Cuba, among others.

According to reports, they assessed that the food industry is undergoing a gradual recovery, which prioritizes the dairy and meat industries, given the financial, material and human impossibility of making progress in all areas.

The parliamentarians also discussed the housing situation in the country, a pressing issue for which the government proposes to strengthen the strategy for its expansion.

They also analyzed the behavior of the tourist sector in the first half of the year and its profile for 2018, as well as assessed the experiences of non-agricultural cooperatives.

Lawmakers also reiterated their solidarity with the Venezuelan revolutionary process, people and government, at a time when internal and external sectors are trying to destroy it.

The new policy of computerization of the society, was the focus yesterday of discussion by the legislators, who learned the plans of the sector by Cuban Communications Minister, Maimir Mesa.

Mesa said this project is called to become a weapon for the defense of the Revolution, according to its general principles.

It will also ensure the nation’s cyber-security in the face of threats, risks and attacks of all kinds, and ensure sustainability and technological sovereignty.

Another of its pillars is to promote the citizens’ access to the use of new Information and Telecommunication technologies, as well as to develop and modernize all spheres of the society, according to priorities.


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  1. The whole world is watching as Cuba gets ready to elect a new president through a lengthy and open democratic system.Congratulations to all cubans for ever reaching this glorious moment.

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