Paris to Protect Eiffel Tower with Bulletproof Wall

Paris unanimously approved erecting a bullet-proof wall around Eiffel Tower, in order to guarantee safety to France’s most visited landmark

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The barrier would cover the gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower. (Photo taken from

In a context marked by the persistence of the terrorist threat, Parisian authorities are planning to build the glass bullet-proof wall and finish it by the end of 2018, with an estimated cost of 20 million euros.

The initiative is part of a vast program valued at some 300 million euros, which is aimed at strengthening the security of the Eiffel Tower, modernizing the reception of visitors and enhancing their comfort.

The glass bullet-proof wall would replace the perimeter metal fence that were set up as a protection measure for the 2016 European football tournament.

The barrier would cover the gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower, but access to the area would remain free.

This monument attracts over six million visitors each.


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