Evo Calls for Unity in MAS Congress

Prensa Latina News Agency

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President Evo Morales during the inauguration of the MAS Congress in the city of Santa Cruz. (Photo: R. Zaconeta).

Some 3,000 delegates attend the congress in which the new leadership will be elected and the future political actions will be discussed

Bolivian President Evo Morales called for unity to strengthen the party Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), during the congress of this organization currently held in the eastern city of Santa Cruz.

‘We must be convinced that our political movement is a factor of unity for all Bolivia because it has a program and there is ideological clarity to continue leading the country,’ said Morales.

He urged members of the party to avoid any internal division that may lead to the return of the right wing.

During his speech, Morales highlighted the achievements of MAS during the 11 years of management.

He reiterated that extreme poverty rates fell from 38 to 18 percent and also that goal is to reach zero percent by 2025, on occasion of the 200 years of independence.

He said that public investment rose from $629 million USD in 2005 to $8 billion USD in the recent four years.

Evo also said that international reserves increased from barely $1.7 billion USD to more than $10 billion USD.

Some 3,000 delegates attend the congress of MAS, in which the new leadership will be elected and the political actions of the party for the coming years will be discussed.

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