Cuba Stands Firm against Trump’s Hostile Policy

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It’s for the Cuban people to decide whatever changes are necessary in the island.

Cuba has rejected U.S. President Donald Trump‘s hard line decision of hardening the blockade by reverting crucial measures taken by the previous administration of Barack Obama to engage with the island.

In an official response, the Cuban Government stresses at the same time the importance of a civilized and peaceful coexistence for the benefit of both nations and people. By signing Friday afternoon a presidential national security directive, Trump imposes additional hurdles to the very restricted business opportunities American companies had to trade and invest in Cuba, the statement underlines.

They tighten more —it continues— the right of American citizens to visit the island, already limited by having to comply with discriminatory licenses at times when the U.S. Congress, reflecting the opinion of broad sectors of the American society, not only claim to put an end to the travel ban, but also that restrictions to do trade with Cuba be lifted.

The announcement of President Trump —it adds— goes against the support of most of the U.S. public opinion, including the Cuban emigration in that country, to the calls for fully lifting the blockade and establishing normal relations.

The Government of Cuba denounces the new measures of hardening the blockade which are doomed to fail as it has been proven in the past’, the official statement asserts.

It rejects —it stresses— ‘the manipulation for political ends and the double standard in treating the human rights issue’.

With its modest resources —it goes on— Cuba has contributed to improving human rights in many places in the world, despite the limitations imposed to a blockaded country.

‘We recall that Cuba is a State party to 44 international human rights instruments, while the United States comply with only 18, therefore we have much to show, comment and defend,’ the island’s government upholds.

After stressing that Cuba has not renounced to any of those principles nor will it renounce, the Government reiterates its willingness to pursue a respectful dialogue and cooperation on issues of common interest, as well as maintaining negotiation on pending bilateral matters with the U.S. Government.

The past two years has shown that the two countries, as Cuban President Raul Castro has repeated, can cooperate and live together in a civilized manner, respecting differences and fostering everything that can benefit both nations and people, the statement points out.


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