Casa de la Guayabera is Already in Summer Season


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Casa de la Guayabera is located upon the Yayabo River in one of the most ancient areas of the city. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray)

Summer courses and other interesting activities are part of the offer of Casa de la Guayabera of Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus’s Casa de la Guayabera, one of the most visited and attractive cultural institutions of this central Cuban province, started the summer activities with a broad program of events that includes five summer courses and the second Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0.

Sancti Spiritus Hosts Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0

Since Monday, this facility opened the courses which are aimed at showing some of the traditions and culture of Japan. They are supported by the close ties kept with the OtakuSS Club, a project that promotes the various artistic manifestations of the nation of the rising sun.

According to Luis Ernesto Baracaldo, a specialist from the institution, the courses are mostly focused on the practice of “amigurumi” (the art of weaving), the cultivation of “bonsai“, the “origami” techniques, and the initiation in the Japanese language, in which the participants are taught to greet and to count, among other things.

La Guayabera 5.0 event was held for the first time last January and was then attended by several local companies. On this occasion, it will emphasize on the interaction of young people with technologies, and its importance for the formation of values ​​in the new generations.

During the summer days, the Casa de la Guayabera  will be opened every day since 10:00 AM, and will  keep on offering its usual programs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Taken from ACN and translated by Escambray


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