Bolivia Claims that ALBA is the Best Response to Walls

Regional integration, promoted by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), is the best response to the walls, said Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera

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Walls were typical from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Liniera said. (Photo taken from PL)


Alvaro Garcia, who debated on the importance of the recently held ALBA extraordinary summit in Caracas, stated that this is a twinning and complementarity project for peoples.

‘In times of walls that want to turn the world into a feudal regime, where each country are walling up in front of the rest of its brotherly nations, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador are promoting the integration,’ he said.

In this way, the Bolivian Vice President criticized US President Donald Trump’s plans to besiege the Mexican border.

‘The walls, which were typical from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, now return from some highly developed countries,’ he warned.

Garcia Linera said that, facing this position, Latin America is showing its currently progress and promoting the real political, economic and cultural integration of peoples.

‘Not in the style of the neoliberal globalization, which was a free flow of goods and money, but not of people,’ he said.

For the vice president, there is currently an awakening of youth, professionals, artists and workers referring to the need to build a global twinning, a universal citizenship.

‘The world is a common good and borders can not be placed. It’s like wanting to put borders on the air, ‘he stresses.


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