Argentine Community Mobilizes for Food Emergency

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According to the coordinator of the protest, in Argentina six million people are hungry. (Photo taken from

Protesters are waiting for the Congress to discuss the food situation, after the latest data released on the poverty issue

The Argentine movement, Barrios de Pie (Neighborhoods Stand Up) has been carrying out a peaceful demonstration since the early hours, without street or traffic cuts, to demand once again the urgent declarations of food emergency.

As announced by its coordinator, Daniel Menéndez, they will set up at the side of the streets in the capital and near main avenues tables where they will collect support signatures to get the emergency started and also popular pots (dining rooms where food is offered to those most in need).

We call for a campaign seeking civil society support for the declaration of the Food Emergency, something that is urgent in a country where six million people are hungry, he said.

From around 7:00 a.m. local time, despite rain and low temperatures, protesters are concentrated at the foot of the Buenos Aires Obelisk and will do so for most of the day waiting for the Congress to discuss the food situation, after the latest data on poverty disseminated by the Observatory of the Argentinean catholic university.

Menéndez noted in a statement that there is already a bill presented in Congress but ‘not the will of the national government to give the majority to be addressed,’ reflected the Minute to Minute portal.


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