OAS General Assembly Approves Request from Venezuela

By taking timely diplomatic actions, Venezuela maintained the initiative at the 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), held in the Dominican Republic

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez (Photo taken from avn.info.ve)

At the first plenary session, held on Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry presented a series of demands to Caracas, including holding a rapid referendum demanded by the president to revoke the president.

Kerry’s speech was immediately rebutted by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, who after saying “the master of the world has just spoken”, reminded Kerry that her country does not need charity and it is a free and sovereign nation.

She also told him that Venezuela’s internal affairs will be resolved by the Venezuelans and that “Venezuela is waiting for the United States and the OAS to apologize for their violation of its sovereignty, its territory and its freedom.”

“They speak about a humanitarian crisis and they are highly responsible for the humanitarian crisis affecting the countries that they have disintegrated territorially,” said the Venezuelan foreign minister, who added that her country is the victim of international harassment, because it returned to the path of political and economic sovereignty and the administration of its natural resources.

Few hours later, Kerry and Rodriguez met and announced immediate talks and the upcoming trip of the US undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Thomas Shannon, to Caracas.

At the third plenary session of the assembly on Wednesday, Rodriguez charged again. This time she was ahead of OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, who threatened the Nicolas Maduro government to implement the Democratic Charter at a session to be held on June 23 in Washington.

On this occasion, Rodriguez recalled that the secretary general has offended Venezuela and President Maduro with expressed words, publicly calling him a traitor, a liar, a thief, a petit dictator, and that is not the language to be used by an OAS official to refer to a head of State.

“The secretary general is not the president of the Americas. He has an administrative function. His agenda should be at the service of the sovereign member States and the member States should not be at the service of the secretary general’s particular and private agenda,” said Rodriguez, adding that more inadmissible is the fact that he has joined the efforts to overthrow a legitimate constitutional government, in favor of the antidemocratic opposition forces.

Rodriguez referred to Article 137 of the general standards for the work of the secretary general, and confirmed that they are violated by Almagro’s lack of impartiality in his functions and by making administrative decisions without following the procedures.

“To cap it all, a ‘contractor’ who earns 8,400 dollars a month has privatized the secretariat general and is also in charge of harassing and attacking a member State,” she said.

In her speech, Rodriguez added that Almagro goes beyond that, because with that behavior, he is undermining the very institutionalization of the organization and he is setting a terrible precedent, because he is violating the standards and uses the budget to attack an OAS member.

Hours later, the General Assembly approved a request from Venezuela for the Permanent Council of that organization to assess the performance of the secretary general.

The motion was approved by 19 votes in favor, 12 against, one abstention and two absences.

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  1. Hugh Montgomery

    US government should make no comment about Venezuela or make an effort to negotiate anything with that nation. Let the people of that country continue doing what they are doing. It is not in the interests of the American Empire for its managers to be involved with the policies of other countries in any way. HM

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