Cuban President Ratifies Continuity of Fidel Castro’s Ideas

Prensa Latina News Agency

President Raul Castro has reaffirmed here the Cuban people’s willingness to continue the ideas and work of the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolution, Fidel Castro

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Raul concluded his speech with the strong and meaningful phrase: “Hasta la victoria seiempre!”. (Photo taken from

Raul Castro recalled in his speech last night at the posthumous tribute to the historical leader, who passed away on November 25th, that Fidel Castro devoted his life to solidarity and led a socialist revolution ‘of the humble, with the humble and for the humble’.

The Cuban president recalled that at the iconic Jose Marti Revolution Square in Havana, which has been the scene of important milestones in the history of the country, the people, with their signatures, fulfill the Concept of Revolution expressed by Fidel Castro in the same place in 2000.

After thanking the presence at the Revolution Square of heads of State and Government, delegations, personalities from different countries, and the Cuban people, who went massively to pay posthumous tribute to Fidel Castro, as well as the signs of affection and respect received from all over the world, he mentioned some of the events that marked the history of Cuba.

From here we say to him, along with our self-sacrificing and combative people: ‘Hasta la victoria siempre!’ he concluded.


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  1. Fidel, your commitment as a Marxist-Leninist inspires the class that made you. Your unfailing confidence in us describes the same discipline that characterizes our history of struggle and which informs and empowers us. The life that is now complete, nearly a century of agent experience and collective effort in the righteous struggle to embrace responsibility on the terms of human maturity has its reward in the nation of the Cuban people schooled in an ethic grounded in understanding and dignity.
    The beast of an old corrupt system quakes in fear and panic at the example your labors have left in this world. The children of humanity are endowed with a legacy of their own making through your articulation of the theory and practice of scientific socialism. We correctly take a giant step forward toward the new age of worker hegemony. We honor your contribution at this special moment by making concrete the gains in political power and class consciousness your life has inspired. We pledge our undying allegiance to this humble and extraordinary member of our class.

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