Brazil: Dilma Will Not Appear Before Committee Impeachment

The secluded constitutional president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff confirmed through social networks that she will not appear today before the Procedural Committee of the Federal Senate which is impeaching Rousseff

Brazilians Protest in New York to Reject Coup against Dilma Rousseff (Photo: EFE)

In a message posted on Twitter, the president announced her defense will be in writing and will be read by José Eduardo Cardozo, her lawyer. She also informed and her team is evaluating her presence before the Senate later in the process.

Rousseff reiterated that she fights everyday to regain her mandate, from which she was temporarily secluded last May 12 to be prosecuted for alleged violation of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, as well as for rescuing democracy in the country. On the resumption of the impeachment process, taking place in the Procedural Impeachment Committee, appear today experts from the defense and the prosecution.

There is no a true complaint, therefore, in regular conditions, the case would be summarily acquitted, said the former head of the General Advocacy of the Union and insisted that, if the conviction occurs, the existence of a parliamentary coup would be confirmed.

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