Book on Cuba President Raul Castro Launched in China

The Chinese edition of the book ”Raul Castro: Un Hombre en Revolucion” (Raul Castro, A Man in Revolution), by Nicolai Leonov, was launched Beijing before Chinese professors and party officials, as well as the ALBA ambassadors to China

During the opening speech, Cuban ambassador here, Alberto Blanco, commented on the close friendship between Army General and Cuban President, Raul Castro, and the author of the book, Russian writer Leonov, which conducive to that valuable compilation of events.

Blanco stressed that the work, which objectively describes the personality of the Cuban statesman, deals with from the personal life of the ‘exceptional leader,’ to the most significant events that marked the future of the Caribbean island in recent times.

‘Raul Castro: un hombre en Revolucion’ tells the personal story of the Cuban statesman, from the years in Biran, a town located in Holguin province, from his birth on June 3, 1931, and ends in December 2014.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Wei Ran, one of the three translators of the book, expressed his honor to participate in this project he considered a mirror of the events occurred in Cuba. The book holds a relevant Latin American leftist leader who has managed to be paradigm of integrity and honor to the country and his people.

The volume is not only the biography of a fighter, revolutionary and exceptional leader, but also a reflection of important events of the Cuban nation of the 20th century and the beginning of the new millennium, he said.

The book, which already has a version in Russian and Spanish language by the Capitan San Luis publishing house, includes a chronology with the most important dates in the life of Raul Castro and more than 80 photos, some of them unpublished.

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