Bolivia Honors Fidel Castro with Photographic Exhibition

The exhibition “Fidel es Fidel” will be opened today at the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore of La Paz, Bolivia, as a tribute to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution


The exhibition comprises a series of snapshots taken to Fidel Castro during the last decade by photographer and documentary filmmaker, Roberto Chile.

He accompanied Fidel Castro for several decades in his daily work.

This major exhibition will be open until August 14, Jorge Barron, a member of the organizing committee of ‘Fidel’s 90 years,’ told Prensa Latina. He added that a large people participation is expected.

The committee organized an extensive program of activities to celebrate the birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, including a symposium on his thinking and historical legacy.

The film series ‘Fidel, hombre de principios’ will be screened at the 6 de Agosto Cinema Theater. Documentaries by Estela Bravo, Oliver Stone and Rebeca Chavez will be shown.

An artistic cultural event ‘Bolivia le canta a Fidel’ will take place at the Greater University of San Andres on August 12, the day before his 90th birthday.

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