Barack Obama Calls for Unity After Trump Victory

Prensa Latina News Agency

In his first message after the electoral victory of Republican Donald Trump, US President Barack Obama has called on US citizens to come together in unity, inclusion and respect

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Obama: ‘We are not Democrat or Republican first; we are American first”. (Photo taken from PL)

Obama put his greatly known differences with Trump aside and wished him success in his presidential mandate. Obama also committed himself to guaranteeing that he would make the transition of the presidential power as much fluid as possible, just like Republican, George W. Bush did eight years ago.

‘We are not Democrat or Republican first; we are American first, we are patriots first, and we all want the best thing for the country,’ emphasized Obama, who called on Americans to help Trump because, in the end, ‘We all belong to the same team.’

He also expressed his hope that Trump would be successful in his presidential mandate, and in uniting and leading the country and added that the peaceful transition of power was a hallmark of American democracy.

Trump won the presidential elections after he obtained 289 electoral votes against 218 for his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton. Obama said he was proud of her extraordinary life of public service and her historical example to women.

The first African American president in the history of the United States also asked young people to not become cynical after the result, nor think that they might not be able to make a difference, a similar exhortation made moments earlier by Clinton.


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