Pope Francis’s Visit to Cuba to Be a Call to Mercy

Prensa Latina News Agency

Monsignor Dionisio Garcia, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, stressed that the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to the island will be a call for generosity and mercy.

In an interview with “Esquina 500” local TV program, the top representative of the Catholic Church in this eastern city, meant that this will be the third visit of a Pope to Cuba in 17 years, a privilege that also shares the United States and Brazil in the region.

He described it as a blessing and a gift for the Catholic Church.

Each time a Pope visits Cuba calls us to be generous, to give hope for a better future, he noted

That was the mission of John Paul II as a messenger of truth and hope, he came to talk about truth and strengthen our hope, he said.

He said Pope Benedict XVI traveled to the Caribbean island as a pilgrim of charity, he came in a Jubilee year and wanted to do what any Cuban do in front of the virgin.

Now Francis comes as a missionary of mercy, which is a virtue, he calls us to be compassionate with the brother, he said.

Mercy is translated into actions and his presence calls us to apply it not only within the church, but also along with the people, he said. About the Vatican, Garcia added that relations with Cuba mark 80 years, which has always had a facilitating role for the relations with the State and in the actions of the church in this country.

About the recent pardon given here to more than 3,000 persons deprived of their freedom, he stated that the church meant his satisfaction for this government’s decision.

The archbishop of Santiago de Cuba explained the program the Pope is expected to carry out at his arrival in Cuba on September 19 in his apostolic visit, which will last until September 23.


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