Ecuador Condemns Attack to Alianza Pais Headquarters

The ruling Alianza Pais Movement today condemned the bomb attack against its headquarters in Guayaquil, while Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, warned that “the violence will not go on”.

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Alianza Pais considered that the bombing, which left no casualties, but shattered the metal door of the property, is an example of the actions of those who seek to attack the country’s institutions, and cause fear and panic.

President Correa, for his part, used his Twitter account to condemn the attack. “I’m in the Amazon without signal. I knew about the bombing in Guayaquil. Violence will not go on”, he wrote.

The attack on the headquarters Guayaquil occurs when the opposition insists on carry on with demonstrations against the government, even though President Correa temporarily withdrew the two bills that allegedly provoked the protests, and called for a national dialogue.

According to the president, local and international political right-wing opponents have begun in Ecuador the same destabilizing plans used in other Latin American countries with progressive governments, such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil.

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