Cuban President Sends Certificate to Granma Daily for its Anniversary

Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), sent an recognition certificate to Granma newspaper for the 50th anniversary of the official organ of that organization.

granma daily raul castro

“On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the organ of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party,” reads the text of the certificate sent on Saturday, Oct 3, the founding date of that mass media, which was reported today.

It also includes the image of the first page of the publication five decades ago, in which the main headline reads: “There is no sacrifice, battle or feat that are not represented in the Central Committee.”

On that historic day, the abovementioned organization was born as the Communist Party of Cuba, and presented its main direction structure.

During a political-cultural event to mark the date, Cuban Vice President and PCC Second Secretary, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, also congratulated on Friday, Oct 2, the staff of Granma newspaper, and described the daily as “irreplaceable media of information, education, ideology and culture.”

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