Cuba President Raul Castro Begins Official Visit to Mexico

Prensa Latina News Agency

President Raul Castro begins an official visit to Mexico, when the relationships between the two countries recover their historical fullness.


The Cuban leader will arrive in the international airport in Merida, capital of Yucatan, where he will receive the honors as a president, prior to his meeting tomorrow, with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Both leaders, and their high-level delegations, will meet at the State Government’s Palace, a beautiful 19th-century building located at the Plaza de la Independencia, in El Zocalo of the capital of Yucatan.

The head of Caribbean State will honor, at the Parque La Mejorada, to the child heroes of Chapultepec, heroic cadets who gave their lives resisting an U.S. invasion, and symbolizing the martyrs of the Mexican history.

The statesmen from both countries will review the bilateral, regional and international agenda at the headquarters of the Yucatan government.

They will also adopt mechanisms to move forward in strengthening bilateral ties, especially on migration, tourism, trade, education and economic complementation, among other issues, according to local sources.

The meeting in Merida is not coincidental, because this city and the Yucatan Peninsula store up shared ties and traditions with the Caribbean island.

Mexican Foreign Minister, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, stated yesterday that both countries will benefit from the meeting between Raul Castro and Peña Nieto, in a framework of “renewed relationship.”

At the headquarters of the Government Palace in Merida, a podium with a red carpet was set up, where it is expected that the presidents of Cuba and Mexico will announce the results of its meeting, considered here, in advance, as historical.

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