Advertising and Promotion Key for Cuban Tourism

Advertising and promotion of quality occupy a significant space in the development of Cuban tourism. This concept was recently ratified recently by the emergence of the first 3D stereoscopic commercial.


A team led by the photojournalist of Prensa Latina, Fernando Valdés (Ferval), took advantage of current filming technology in 3D,and under auspices of the Ministry of tourism (Mintur) presented a short film about Jardines del Rey, the tourist pole of the Cuban central-northern portion, that has so many benefits.

The presentation took place during the recently ended 35 International Fair of Tourism FITCuba 2015 ( May 5-7 ). The goal was to show to the participants the beauty and possibilities of that place, the event venue.

For the first time a Cuban working group creates a 3D by itself, with technology and edition of that kind. It really favored the advertising of Jardines del Rey, as the staff attending the screening expressed. The team, named Sortilegios, was created by initiative of the photographer Ferval, significant tourist graphic work animator.

The film was called Jardines del Rey: A destination for a lifetime. In addition to beautiful images of the place, it narrated in a short time a story that engages travelers from all over the world to a place that accumulates offers, specially of natural and recreational nautical kind.

This is the reason why FITCuba, the main travel aspect of this industry in Cuba and the Caribbean, chose Jardines del Rey as the host place for this year. Hence the interest of Mintur on creating a promotional video of the highest possible quality,according to the current technologies and the official desires.

The audiovisual narrates a love story with the paradise properties of Jardines del Rey as a backdrop. Through its plot, with a fast pace, shows viewers the variety of possibilities offered to visitors by the keys of that geographical area.

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