Self-Employment Consolidates in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Mary Luz Borrego

Self-employment in Sancti SpiritusSome 18 700 local residents are registered as non-state workers

Self-employment has been increased in Sancti Spiritus since 2010, when new resolutions on the subject were announced. Thus, some 18 700 local residents are registered as non-state workers. Most of these people are engaged in business related with foodstuffs, messaging, carpentry, rental of housing, and transportation.

Cuba Allows Credits to Non-state Workers

Cuba Seeks More Discipline in Self-Employment

Autonomous jobs are considered an alternative solution to the reduction-of-employees process started in Cuba. This process seeks to concentrate state efforts on key sector, to improve productivity, and efficiency, and to increase supply of goods and services.

Self-employment has been proven to yield favorable results in the society, not only for the thousand new jobs that have been provided, but also for the tax revenues, and the diversity and quality of many of the offers.

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