Russia Calls to End Interference in Venezuela

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday expressed Russia’s solidarity with the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and called to end all kind of disturbing interference against peace in that country.

We think that all problems must be solved within the constitutional framework, without interference or actions or threats of reprisals, Lavrov said after signing a joint communiqué with his Venezuelan counterpart, Elias Jaua.

We recognize the efforts by Maduro and his government to overcome difficulties in Venezuela, establish national dialogue in favor of peace, including the support from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Vatican, Lavrov noted. All these viewpoints are expressed in the communiqué, which includes our plan for political consultations between 2015 and 2018, explained the head of Russian diplomacy.

We agree on our stances about the key role that the United Nations Organization (UN) must play, the respect for its decision, the need to find ways collectively to solve problems, threats and challenged, he added.

We insist on not acting unilaterally and we reject the alleged exceptionality of the parties, Lavrov stressed.

Lavrov thanked Venezuela for its support at the UN for Russia’s draft resolution against making fascism heroic and on the need to counter that trend, which is increasingly visible in Europe, “as we particularly observe in Ukraine,” he noted.

Moreover, we thank the Venezuelan State for its stance regarding the Ukrainian issue at international forums, including the March 27 voting at the UN General Assembly, the Russian foreign minister stated.

Regarding regional issues, Russia has confirmed that it is interested in Latin America, whose authority at international forums grows, to be a major factor in the process to create a polycentric and democratic world, he pointed out.

Our relations with Latin America are multifaceted, apart from bilateral ties with almost all States in the region, he added.

We are benefiting from forums such as the integration mechanisms in the American continent and we prepared an agreement on the creation of mechanisms for political dialogue with CELAC, Lavrov noted.

Regarding MERCOSUR, Lavrov expressed Russia’s interests as well as that of the Customs Union made up of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, and the Euro-Asian Economic Union, whose founding treaty was signed in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Thursday.

Today, we recall the historic role played by Russia’s friend, (late President) Hugo Chavez, to establish a strategic association between our countries, Lavrov noted.

This is the year of his 60th birthday and in both Russia and Venezuela we will organize a program of commemorations that will include issuing a post stamp dedicated to that friend, loved by the Russian people, Lavrov stressed.

Today’s talks will contribute to strengthening our strategic society for the welfare of the two countries and peoples, concluded the Russian foreign minister.

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