Sancti Spiritus Recalls Arrival of the Freedom Caravan


Sancti Spiritus youth remembered this Friday the arrival of the Freedom Caravan in the central Cuban province, headed by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as he led the triumphal path towards Havana.  Local residents congregated in the Serafin Sanchez Square,  as it was done in 1959.

Every January 6th, residents in Sancti Spiritus congregate in the Serafin Sanchez Square, exactly as it was done in 1959, to salute the Rebel Army that departed from Santiago de Cuba to the country’s capital on January 2nd, reported the Cuban News Agency.

From that centric and historic spot (currently the provincial library Ruben Martinez Villena) the Cuban Revolution leader spoke for the first time to the inhabitants of Cuba’s fourth village.

During the remembrance fragments of Fidel’s speech were heard in which he highlighted the courage of Sancti Spiritus-born people and their important contribution to their country’s independence and freedom.

Jose Ramon Monteagudo Ruiz, first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Sancti Spiritus handed over the official card crediting some students as members of the Youth Communist Union (UJC).


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