Peruvians Marched to Demand Freedom for the Five


A march of solidarity with Cuba in Peru urged the United States to free the five anti-terrorists Cuban fighters unjustly imprisonned in its territory and to end the blockade.


The mobilization Peru Committee of Solidarity with Cuba Youth Branch toured Saturday the center of the capital and rallied in Washington Park, near the residence of US Ambassador Rose M. Likins.In their addresses, Committee leader Gustavo Espinoza; the Committee’s Youth Branch leader Cinthya Fernandez; Casas de Amistad Peru-Cuba representative Vanessa Puris, activist Cristian Rivas and poet Alejandro Melgar agreed on the need to reinforce solidarity on the 14th year of the Cuban Five’s arrest.

They also urged the US government to authorize Rene Gonzalez to visit his seriously ill brother Roberto in Cuba under special license a US judge issued.

Espinoza denounced the US policy towards Latin America, its imperialist nature, and condemned the blockade of Cuba as one of its worst expressions and the Fascist ultraconservatives’ efforts to place peoples and nations against each other to protect the multinatinals’ interests.

The mobilization -with the presence of Intellectuals solidary with the Cuban Five led by Coordinator, painter Fanny Palacios- colorful though peaceful, made the uncalled law enforcement deployment around the Ambassador’s residence useless.  (Taken from PL)

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