Iran Will Not Start a War, but Will Defend Itself


Iran will never start a war, but it will react severely to any threat or attack, said on Sunday a senior military commander on the occasion of the military exercises started here on Saturday.

The commander of ground forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, stressed Sunday that the country’s defense doctrine is based on deterrence and that “Iran will not start a war.”

At the begining of the main phase of military maneuvers of ground forces, also known as Velayat-e Hamiyan (Velayat Supporters), Pakpour stated that under a hypothetical U.S. or Israeli attack “our reaction will be swift.”

U.S. media quoted Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, saying that intelligence sources believe there is “a strong possibility” that Israel launch a military strike against Iran in April, May or June 2012.

The eventual aggression would take place before Tehran enters what Tel Aviv described as “an immunity area” by allegedly beginning to build an atomic bomb.

Pakpour stressed that Iranian troops will act as a deterrent and added that those military exercises meant to show the readiness of the nation to deal with threats.

On the other hand, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized Western powers on Sunday for using their scientific capabilities to dominate other nations, in contrast to Iran’s view of science and technology for human society.

The president delivered his speech at the 25th Kharazmi International Festival in Tehran. (Taken from PL).

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