High Scientific Level of Sancti Spiritus Jose Marti University Stressed


Cuban Higher Education Minister, Miguel Diaz-Canel, draw attention to the high scienfic level of the Jose Marti Perez University in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, after he toured some of its facilities.


In the exchange the leader held with reporters after visiting the laboratories of the center for higher learning, he stressed that the work of talented youth complemented with that of the most aged and experienced in the institution. The minister called on to present these results and to exchange information with other peer institutions.

Diaz Canel called on to present these results and to exchange information with other peer institutions on specific issues that contribute to the universalization of knowledge.

He noted that in the last two years higher education leads to a more comprehensive evaluation system, which accredits universities from an improvement, so these may be assessed in accordance to national and international standards.

This will allow us to socialize, share research and impact on society from the standpoint of extension. The bottom line is that it calls all universities to the constant search for quality, said the minister.

Cuban Higher Education leader said that there are technological conditions and professors at Sancti Spiritus University while describing the visit as pleasant.

He delved into the preparations for influencing, from the very university, the development of our society and highlighted the passion toward their work and the importance of getting out beyond the instituion’s walls.

Taken from Prensa Latina

Translated by Escambray


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