Cuban Workers Called to Join May Day Celebrations


The Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC) issued a call urging the Cuban people to participate in the International May Day commemoration, amid the update of the economic model in the country.

According to the call, published in the Trabajadores weekly, Cuban confederations will celebrate the International Workers’ Day immersed in the fulfilment of the Guidelines, Objectives and Agreements of the 6th Communist Party Congress and the 1st National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba.

We will celebrate this day with the fulfilment of the economy and budget plans, making emphasis on the sugar cane harvest, food production, industry, construction and scientific plans, the text reads.

The call also highlights the workers’ commitment to other sectors like basic services, culture and sports, as well as the determination to achieve a greatest efficiency in the execution of the investment program and in saving all kinds of resources.

According to the document, the active and conscious participation in the defense of the motherland and socialism is a prioritized mission against threats, aggressions or hostility in any field, including the ongoing anti-Cuba media campaign. (Taken from PL)

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