Cuban President Raul Castro Welcomes Hugo Chavez in Havana


Cuban President Raul Castro welcomed Venezuela´s head of state Hugo Chavez in Havana. The Venezuelan leader came for radiotherapy treatment to keep his recovery process from surgery a month ago.Before departing from Caracas, Hugo Chavez took the opportunity to wave good bye to his people for a few days. “I´m going to Havana to keep working and I praise God, the Virgin of the Valley, the Virgin of Carmen, the God of the Armies and Navies and my own will to keep living,” he said.

Chavez explained he decided to kick off his radiotherapy treatment as a complementary process to the surgery he underwent last February 27. I is a stepped up and sustained recovery process, he said, even faster than last time.

As to his stay on the island, the Venezuelan President said he will be here for a few days. However, he said he will take several radiotherapy sessions in a process that will last between four and five weeks. (Taken from RHC)

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