Cuban Polo Montañez Group to Tour Colombia

Prensa Latina News Agency

In memory of the late cuban singer Polo Montañez, his band will carry out a tour in 2013 to Colombia. Polo had a lot of fans in Colombia where he worked for several months, Amauri Ramos now leader of the band, told Prensa Latina.

The group will first perform 10 concerts in the main cruise of the finish Viking Line, in a voyage to several European cities.

The group plays popular songs written by Polo Montañez that because of his death he never recorded them. They include bachatas,boleros and sons.

The group has won a golden disc and one of platinum because of his first CD called Guajiro Natural,or Natural Farmer.

Polo died on the 26 of novemeber of 2002,in a car crash and he was born in a small town called El Brujito,in the mountains of Pinar del Rio province.

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  1. Miriam Harrington

    Please do more to publicize the group Polo Montanez. I saw them in Cuba recently in Las Terrazas and they are wonderful, especially their female singer Deamalis; her voice is beautiful. I wish they could come to the U.S. – maybe someday. They are all gifted musicians, but Deamalis has an especially fabulous voice. Do you have information on other places the group might tour?

    Miriam Harrington

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