Cuban Baseball: Sancti Spiritus Roosters Keep on Fighting

Elsa Ramos

Roosters catcher Eriel Sanchez shot his 200 homer in national seasons while Ismel Jimenez celebrated two important achievements: his 12th victory in the tournament and the thousand innings worked .

Although Sancti Spiritus physically swept Metropolitanos Warriors in the 51st Cuban baseball national season, Rooters should content themselves with a 2-1 victory in the subseries held in their own headquarters.

On Sunday game Roosters counted on their ace Ismel Jimenez. The international hurler celebrated two important achievements: his 12th victory in the tournament (leader along with Las Tunas Yoelkis Cruz), and the thousand innings worked in Cuban baseball national seasons.

It would seem an easy task for a hurler to accomplish but Roosters Ismel has played only for 8 seasons and he is just 25 years old, which ratifies him as Sancti Spiritus star in the box. Though allowing 5 runs in the game, Jimenez took his 12th win with only 5 defeats in the championship.

It looks as if Sancti Spiritus offensive had woken up in the subseries played with Metros because they shot 37 hits while scoring 24 runs in the three encounters, thus the average rose to 276.

During the three game confrontations Eriel Sanchez became Sancti Spiritus 4th player to arrive to 200 homers in the national season.

Roosters are currently placed 5th in the West standings with a 33-36 record, one and a half game away from 4th qualified Pinar del Rio.


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